South Seattle College offers a variety of high-quality, affordable programs that will help you meet your educational and career goals. Opportunities include high school completion, ESL classes, career training, college transfer and applied bachelor’s degrees, short-term training, and personal enrichment courses.

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Whether you plan to pursue a two-year degree and transfer to a four-year college, advance your skills in your current career, or graduate from a technical program to start a new career path, there is a program for you at South. We are here to partner with you on building a better future!

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Continuing Education at South Seattle College offers non-credit and non-graded courses designed to help you explore personal interests and provide another alternative for upgrading business skills, perfect for lifelong learners.

Browse Continuing Education classes.

If you are a current high school student, South offers a variety of opportunities:
Running Start
Finishing your high school diploma while simultaneously taking college classes.

Students Under 18
Students under 18-years-old require special admission on a course-by-course basis. If not enrolling in Running Start, you are required to complete the Underage Admission Policy & Permission Form.

TRIO Upward Bound
The Upward Bound program provides low-income and potential first-generation students with college access programming and opportunities to improve their skills and motivation to complete high school, go to college, and graduate from college.

It’s never too late to finish your high school education and set yourself up for a brighter future in education and career. South offers various high school completion programs at affordable rates to help you move forward.

GED® Prep
South Seattle College offers GED® Prep classes for anyone 16 and older who wants to improve their skills and prepare for the GED® tests.

High School 21+
Adults 21 and older who lack a high school diploma now have a new way to get a second chance.

Career Link
Career Link is a high school completion program for students ages 16-21 who no longer attend traditional high school.

English as a Second Language classes help non-native speakers improve their English communication skills. ESL classes are offered to adults at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes are offered both day and evening on our main campus, at the NewHolly Learning Center, and on our Georgetown campus.

Beginning your four year education at South Seattle College is solid preparation for a bachelor’s degree. South offers excellent academic preparation, abundant resources and small classes, as well as the economic benefit of lower tuition for the first two years of your undergraduate education.

Learn more and explore our College Transfer programs.

South Seattle College offers career-focused Professional & Technical Career Training programs designed to get people the education they need to secure good paying jobs in today’s skill-focused economy. These programs train you in high-demand careers, building on current experience or preparing you for a new field.

Learn more and explore our Professional & Technical Career Training programs:

South also offers Short-Term Training programs designed for students who wish to return to the workforce quickly, with specific job skills.

Expand career opportunities and build on two-year technical degrees with South’s Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree programs, where hands-on learning, student-focused curriculum and strong internship opportunities are the norm. 
South offers three Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in:

South’s Veteran Affairs Service Desk assists veterans, reservists, active duty personnel and eligible family members regarding veteran-entitled benefits, such as, preparing VA application forms and documentation required by the Department of Veterans Affairs. South also provides assistance in documenting military training for college credit. Our dedicated Veterans Transition Specialist can help verify your Washington state tuition reduction criteria for eligible veterans.

The Center for International Education at South welcomes hundreds of students from around the world to study and further their careers on our campus. South offers a wide range Academic Transfer programs, an Intensive English Program, four-year Bachelor of Applied Science degrees and various Professional and Technical programs.

Please note: The Center for International Education has its own admissions and application process for international students with non-resident/non-immigrant visa status (F-1, J-1, etc).

The Workforce Education Office at South Seattle College can help you enter or reenter the workforce through career training, financial aid assistance, job placement assistance and academic planning.

Online classes or eLearning at South bring the classroom to you using the Internet and your email, which require few (if any) on-campus visits. Online courses use computer technologies that translate traditional classroom instruction into learning in new and innovative ways. Classes are designed to provide close interaction with instructors when and where it best serves student needs.

As a senior or retired person, you can train for a second career, brush up on skills or take classes for fun – both credit and non-credit. Seniors may take or audit for-credit classes at a discount using the Senior Citizen (Space-Available) Tuition Waiver.
Check out the non-credit, non-graded courses and certificates offered through Continuing Education.
Explore South’s for-credit classes.

Find out if you are eligible for a state-supported tuition waiver, based on your work as a state government or higher education employee, your veteran status, your senior status or your relationship to a deceased or disabled law enforcement officer or fire fighter.

South Seattle College and our partners are dedicated to assist you with your current and future needs while you are transitioning from the criminal justice system. Our hope is that we have a service that can assist you during your time of need. Our goal is to expand and open educational opportunities for everyone.

Justice Involved Solutions (JIS) offers several courses geared towards preparing individuals that experience the criminal justice system and face significant trauma and systemic barriers to enter a higher education environment.

Learn more about Justice Involved Solutions.