Short-Term Training Programs

South Seattle College offers many short-term training programs that can help you learn career-ready skills in a hurry! Our convenient programs are perfect for those who want to train for entry-level job opportunities and increase their earning potential. Program length varies from 12 weeks to six months.

South has partnerships with organizations who have an interest in hiring people trained in our programs. These programs are funded by the State of Washington and students must be deemed eligible to enroll.  To find out if you may be eligible for funding assistance for our programs, and to sign up for an orientation, please visit

Please find a list of current Short-Term Training programs below. *Please note each program has different contact information. 

For general inquiries, please email

Airframe & Powerplant Seminar

This eight-week intensive program is designed for those who have been approved for FAA Licensing Exams in Airframe and/or Powerplant Maintenance. The student is required to provide an FAA-approved 8610-2 form. It is particularly well suited for those who have obtained their aircraft maintenance experience during military service or working in the aviation industry under a licensed aircraft mechanic. Oral and practical exam preparation are coupled to industry networking events, job-application and tours of companies currently hiring FAA-licensed mechanics.

CNC Machining (Computer Numerical Control)

The CNC Machining (Computer Numerical Control) program at South Seattle teaches students the technology behind the CNC process, a computer-aided machine tool system that creates parts and structures to very precise specifications. CNC is a staple of modern manufacturing, and CNC technicians use computerized mills, lathes, grinders and drill presses to produce complex, 3-D structures with the touch of a computer. This short-term intensive program covers the basic setup and operation of machines, blueprint reading, shop mathematics, machine tool theory, inspection, surface plate techniques, and statistical process control (SPC). This program takes place at our Georgetown Campus.

Manufacturing Academy

The 8-week Manufacturing Academy (MA) is a joint program of South Seattle College and the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) designed for entry-level and re-entering professionals wanting to update and expand their skillsets in the world of diversified and advanced manufacturing. This program provides training in industrial safety CPR/first aid, manufacturing basics, introduction to blueprint reading, applied math for technicians, manufacturing tools and trades, OSHA 10 (General), an introduction to lean manufacturing. This program takes place at our Georgetown Campus.

Maritime Welding

The Maritime Welding (Welding Intensive for Maritime & Manufacturing Environments) program provides students a foundation in marketable welding and fitting techniques for the maritime (world-class fishing vessels, barges and ferries) and general manufacturing industries. At South Seattle College and Vigor Industrial Shipyard’s Harbor Island Training Center, a classroom-in-a-shipyard, students learn within a real-working environment by instructors with industry experience. This program takes place at the Harbor Island Training Center.

MechaReady Industrial Maintenance (Mechatronics)

The MechaReady Industrial Maintenance program (Mechatronics) at South Seattle introduces students to troubleshooting and repairing industrial equipment that is used in a variety of manufacturing settings. Technicians may work in factories that manufacture, finish or assemble many different types of products. Students become familiar with repairing automation technologies including CNC machines and other modern manufacturing equipment. This program takes place at our Georgetown Campus.

Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC)

The one quarter NAC program covers basic health care concepts needed to provide nursing care to adults; including maintaining and monitoring patient’s health status while covering the nurse’s role in aspect of age and disability. Enrollment in the NAC program is authorized only by the Nursing Department after attending a Nursing Information Session and completing a CASAS Assessment (minimum 235 scores required). Background check required.

On-site Hospitality Certificate

The certificate in On-site Hospitality is a short-term, 18-credit online program. The certificate was developed by South Seattle College’s Hospitality Management department and Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management. The program is designed for students who completed their Associate Degree, or equivalent. The program takes 6 months (two academic quarters) to complete. Students start with enrolling in two 5-credit courses online in January or September, then take the third 5-credit course and 3-credit practicum the following quarter.

Pivot Point

The Pivot Point program at South assists students as they build a foundation in English, math, and computer skills for approved entry into Professional Technical training, as well as other college programs. Pivot Point students learn a variety of life-success skills including college and career exploration, job search techniques, test-taking and organizational skills. ESL is offered to those students who require additional support.

  • To learn more out more about the program and orientation information, please contact Teresa Romaneschi at
  • To enroll in this program, please report to TEC 127 at 11 a.m. (Mondays only) for orientation and enrollment.

Professional Technical Education & Instructional Design Adult Learning Certificate

This fully-online short-term program is designed to give professional and technical instructors the opportunity to develop and hone teaching skills with adult learners. Outcomes of the course include how to manage learning environments, implement appropriate instructional methodology, development and design, and understand techniques to support and assess adult learning. With a total of 11 credits, the certificate can completed in just three months!

Warehouse Logistics

The nine-week Warehouse Logistics training program at South prepares students for all aspects of distribution and logistics management. The course will not only show you how to create and operate through logistical functions, but also show how you can achieve success through a combination of strategies and tactics including fulfilling customer demands, ordering and managing inventory, controlling inbound and outbound shipments and cost saving techniques. Skills learned include forklift certification, industrial safety CPR/first aid, hazardous materials training, OSHA 10, flagging and traffic control, inventory control, order fulfillment methods, soft skill-sets, basic computer literacy. Internship included.

  • Program Notice: South Seattle College is not accepting students at this time into the Warehouse Logistics program. To learn more about alternative programs, please contact our professional technical advisors at
  • To learn more out more about the program and orientation information, please contact Veronica Rojas-Valdez at 206.934.5814 or