Due to the COVID-19 closure, our office is closed and we are not administering any tests at this time. Students may complete their English placement remotely by taking our English Directed Self Placement tool.(Please note Running Start, Basic and Transitional Studies Level Four and below, and International Students with F-1 Visas are not eligible for the Directed Self Placement tool) 

If you need to take a math placement test before our office is open, you may take the math placement test online through Seattle Central College. You must send all placement test scores to studentplacement@seattlecolleges.edu to be able to register for classes.  

Student Assessment Services

As part of its responsibilities to the community, this program administers tests that enable advisors to place students in classes appropriate to their skill level. Descriptions of tests, sample tests and fee information are available on their respective pages, listed on the left.

Class Placement Options 

Instructions: Class placement determines the level of your first classes in English and Math. Choose which category best represents you as a student. Click on the placement methods to see if you have the minimum scores for English/Math. Remember, you can use multiple placement methods if needed. 

English Directed Self-Placement (DSP) is an alternative to standardized placement processes for English placement. The DSP tool is designed to help entering students determine which first-year writing course is right for them. Our goal is to help you choose the course that will make you a successful writer in your first year and throughout your college years.

The English DSP tool takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. It will provide you with an overview of your English course options, show you samples of student writing, and guide you through a self-assessment of your reading and writing practices. While the tool will recommend which English course might best suit your needs, you make the final course selection.

Our English DSP is untimed and ungraded.  The tool contains both text and videos, so it should be taken on a computer, tablet, or cell phone with a large screen and the volume turned on.     

To access our English DSP tool, visit: www.tinyurl.com/OtterDSP 

Note: Some groups of students are not eligible to use this tool. They are: International Program students, Running Start students, and Basic and Transitional Studies students who have a placement lower than Level 4. To learn more about your English placement options, please email studentplacement@seattlecolleges.edu.

Student Assessment Services offers a responsive assessment and support system dedicated to educational improvement. By incorporating analysis, that is to say, assessment, into testing, Student Assessment Services provides an opportunity to reflect on the students we serve, to monitor the progress and effectiveness of our goals, and both guide and support institutional decision-making. Assessment is an embedded function of South Seattle College and a way we further understand our diverse community's learning needs.

Student Assessment Services is a participating member of:

  • The National College Testing Association
  • Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education - NASPA
  • South Seattle College's Curriculum and Instruction Committee

We subscribe to the principles and responsibilities under the Code of Fair Testing Practices In Education. (National Council on Measurement in Education).