Basic & Transitional Studies


GED® classes are for adults, age 16 and older, who want to improve their skills and prepare for the GED® tests.

Before taking classes, students are assessed to determine their needs and appropriate coursework. Students also have the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor to determine whether the GED®High School 21+, or another high school completion option is the best path to success.

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What classes are available?

Students take classes that focus on the content of the four GED® tests. All GED® students are also required to take Career Pathways, a class that requires students to identify a career goal and coaches students on the specific steps they need to take toward that goal while they study for the GED®.

  • Algebra/Geometry
  • Basic Math
  • Career Pathways
  • Language Arts
  • Pre-Algebra 
  • Science
  • US History/Washington State History

Daytime classes are offered. Most classes are blended with our High School 21+ program, so students taking GED® coursework always have the option of switching between those programs depending on whichever option better serves their needs.

How does GED® testing work?

Information about the GED®, how to register and pay for the tests, and more can be found on the Student Assessment Services GED® Testing page

If you only want to take the GED® test, you must register, prepare, take official practice tests and schedule tests at You will need an email account and be able to pay with a debit, credit, or pre-paid debit card available for purchase at merchants.

How do I prepare for classes?

Before entering the GED Prep program, students must:

  • Complete the ABE Application form. We will use that application to enroll you in our remote program orientation.
  • Attend the mandatory remote orientation.

New Student Sign-up Schedule:

Enrollment for Summer quarter will open May 6, 2024.