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Important Financial Aid Information

Summer Quarter 2021 Financial Aid Census Date is July 1, 2021. 

Summer 2021 Financial Aid: Students interested in receiving financial aid for Summer 2021, must complete the Summer Aid Request form in addition to all over Financial Aid Application materials detailed in the Application for Financial Aid webpage linked to the left. To guarantee a determination of financial aid by the start of the summer quarter, your application must be received by May 31, 2021. Applications received from June 1-25 will still be considered for financial aid in Summer, but you may not know what funding you will receive until after the summer quarter starts.

IMPORTANT: Summer aid request forms cannot be submitted after June 25, 2021. Forms submitted after this date will be denied summer financial aid – there is no exceptions to this policy due to federal financial aid regulations.

Disbursement Update Spring 2021 & Beyond: Students who are paying their accounts with a credit card or debit card prior to disbursement of financial aid are reminded that any financial aid refund generated by your financial aid will first be used to refund the credit card or debit card that paid your account charges before any remaining funds are issued through BankMobile. There is no exception to this policy.

Financial Aid Service Update: Due to the college wide, software conversion students will experience a moderate to high slow-down in processing of Financial Aid Applications and documents. Students should expect to wait 2-3 days to receive an email response and 2-4 days for a return phone call. Student can speak with the Financial Aid Office staff, usually within an hour by selecting a call time though the Schedule an Appointment page on the left side menu. While the process to obtain Financial Aid usually takes about 90 days, during the conversion, students can expect 90 to 120 days if your FAFSA/WASFA was received by the Financial Aid Office after December 1, 2020.

Thank you for your patience as we covert to a new software program that will dramatically improve the way you request financial aid, and communicate with the office.

Time to Apply for Financial Aid

It's time to apply for Financial Aid for next year by completing either the FAFSA or the WASFA 2021-22!

While students are used to South downloading their FAFSA/WASFA information in December, due to the college software conversion, South will not begin processing applications for the 2021-22 Academic Year until March 2021.

Also, due to the new software installing in Winter, students will have fewer documents to turn in to obtain financial aid, and in some cases, may not need to turn in anything (not even a Data Sheet!). More information about 2021-22 will follow in March 2021.

Spring Quarter Service Update: ctcLink is Now Live!

Students, the new ctcLink system is now live to help you better manage your college experience. Many systems, including class registration, have transitioned to ctcLink. Learn more and activate your ctcLink account today. 

View a table with a brief overview of what each system (ctcLink, Starfish, Canvas, MySouth) is used for along with relevant resources and login information.

Students should expect delayed responses from our offices because, much like you, we are also learning how to use and navigate the new system. Thank you for your patience during this transition and please continue to contact Student Services through Virtual Assistance.

Did you forget your ctcLink ID?

If you need ctcLink help, contact the IT Helpdesk. Zoom information and Q&A sessions are also available.

The average student will spend about 3 hours a year completing the Application for Financial Aid; and receive over $4,000 in grants and scholarships. In contrast, students earning $15 per hour will spend 267 hours to earn the same amount.

Financial Aid is available for full time and part time students taking as little as one credit per quarter, so start the process today.

South will begin awarding financial aid for Fall 2019 on February 1, 2019 so complete your FAFSA or WASFA today by clicking on Application for Financial Aid on the menu to the left.

Learn more about how to apply for financial aid:

Whether you’re just thinking about coming to South Seattle College, or you’re already one of the thousands of students pursuing a degree with us already, we’re happy to have you.

Financial Aid is an important part of going to college.  The process can seem daunting, and at times overly complicated, but the average student spends only about 3 hours a year completing the Application for Financial Aid; and with potentially thousands of dollars in federal, state, and institutional assistance, it’s time well spent.

The single most important thing to making sure you get financial aid, is that you read carefully, all the information we provide for you regarding financial aid funding, starting with our website.  If you read our website, and any other documents we send you via email with the subject line “South Seattle College Financial Aid” from the email address then the financial aid process will be quick and easy for you and your family.

Learn how to complete the Application for Financial Aid by clicking on the corresponding link on the left.