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The Admissions Application is the first Step to Enroll for many incoming students. By completing our FREE Admissions Application, you will become an official South Seattle College student and will receive your student ctcLink ID (EMPLID). As an open access college, all students are accepted.


South Seattle College uses the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges Online Admissions Application Portal.

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Questions regarding the status of your application can be directed to our Registration team at  

Once your application has been processed, you will receive an automated acceptance email with your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) and more details about setting up your account.  

To continue your enrollment process, you can visit our Steps to Enroll and select the audience type that most aligns with your background or goals for detailed next steps. 

For First Time in College or Prior College Experience students seeking a certificate or degree, there is enrollment coaching appointments and support available at our Welcome Center.

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Application Exceptions

For the following student groups, your first step is to visit the pages below to learn about and begin your enrollment process:

If you have attended South Seattle College in the past and wish to re-enroll in classes, connect with our Welcome Center to learn about your next steps.

To view all Seattle Colleges District Policies regarding admissions, visit the District Steps to Enroll page and select “Apply for Admission.”