SSC MakerSpace

What is a MakerSpace? MakerSpace logo

A MakerSpace is a collaborative work space for making, learning, exploring and sharing using a variety of high, low, or no-tech tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, sewing machines, wood, art supplies and more. MakerSpaces are intended to cultivate a “maker mindset”, allowing students to explore their interests and practice creating something from nothing.

MakerSpace Guiding Principles 

  1. Involve students in the development of the MakerSpace.
  2. Integrate the MakerSpace widely in the curriculum and community.
  3. Communicate often about development and goings on of the MakerSpace.
  4. Root the MakerSpace in a broad ecosystem of industry partnerships and work-based learning.

Mission Statement 

The maker initiative at South Seattle College aims to ensure South students identify as the entrepreneurs, makers and innovators that they are. By providing a hub with cutting edge maker resources and exciting programming such as maker challenges and hackathons, the MakerSpace will provide students the creative commons to experiment, fail forward, persist, collaborate, and grow in preparation for a 21st century career.

MakerSpace Rationale 

Course and club space. Makerspaces are increasingly common on college campuses, including locally at Seattle University and Bellevue College, for course and capstone projects, experimentation and hands-on learning. Programs and clubs across the college community would benefit from a dedicated makerspace outside the more traditional lab and classroom environments.

Increasing industry demand for “makers.” Industry feedback emphasizes the growing need for students with both applied technical skills as well as exceptional soft skills such as creative problem solving, teamwork, and entrepreneurialism.

Student interest in highly-relevant training. Students increasingly seek highly relevant training experiences that mimic the workplace and provide them with a portfolio to demonstrate their 21st century skills.

Outreach opportunities. At full development, a MakerSpace can be a “creative commons” not only for South students, but for industry partners, K12 classes and field trips, meetups and other club groups, with proper safety training.


The MakerSpace can be found in Rainier Hall 115 and 116. The space consists of an open lab to hold large and small equipment, and computer lab.