Employment Resources

Seattle College District Jobs

A list of current employment opportunities within the Seattle College District is maintained by the District Human Resources Department. Visit agency.governmentjobs.com/sccd to see the current list.

Application procedures and instructions are available on our Seattle Colleges District HR page. Exception: Instructors for Continuing Education.

The following campuses are part of the Seattle College District:

Part-Time Faculty Positions at South Seattle College

At South, we suggest anyone interested in applying for a part-time faculty position send us a cover letter and resume which we will keep on file. When a position needs to be filled, we will use this resource.

Please refer to our class schedule to get an overview of the courses taught in the various departments. Send your resume to the attention of the appropriate department.


Students, Alumni & Community Members

In WorkSource / Career Development Services you will find valuable resources and knowledgeable career professionals ready to help you manage your careers and develop effective strategies to search for work. The department is located in the Robert Smith Building (RSB), room 76 (see RSB map). Visit the Career Center for more information.

Services for Employers

Post a job opening. If you have part time or full time flexible positions for students that you would like to post at South Seattle College please our Services For Employers/Careers webpage.