Underage Admissions

The college does not desire to replace or duplicate the functions of the local public schools; however underage students may be considered for admission on an individual, space-available basis. 

Criteria for granting an exception are:

  • The individual is competent at an appropriate academic level and/or artistic or technical level to be successful.
  • The individual has the ability and maturity to participate in an adult learning environment.
  • The individual is under 18 years of age and at least high school Junior status by the start of the quarter.
  • The individual has not completed high school or earned a GED.
  • The individual is not enrolled in Running Start.
  • If the student is under 16 years of age and will hold at least high school Junior status by the start of the quarter, the student must meet with and gain permission to enroll from the Director of Advising and Running Start in addition to the steps listed on the Underage Admission Permission Form.

Qualified underage students must complete the following steps before meeting the Director of Advising & Running Start or the Assistant Director of Advising.

  • Apply online to South Seattle College
  • Review and complete the Underage Admission Policy and Permission Form and obtain all required signatures. This form must be completed and submitted prior to each quarter the student wishes to attend. Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to continue attending the College as an underage student.
  • Take the Placement Test.
  • Provide an official transcript from the student’s high school.
  • A High School Counselor must complete Part II of the Underage Admission Permission Form if the student is earning a diploma at their high school.
  • In some cases, the student may be required to meet with the course instructor to determine if admission is appropriate.

South Seattle College:

  • Is an institution of higher learning and, as such, is an adult environment.
  • Makes no special allowances or accommodations to students because of age.
  • Does not grant parental access to a student’s educational records without written consent from the student.
  • Holds all students accountable to the same high academic and disciplinary standards.
  • Reserves the right to request additional information and/or deny any underage enrollment. The terms and conditions of the Underage Admission Exception to Policy are in compliance with District Policy 305.