Graduation is the official process of earning a degree or certificate that students can achieve any quarter of the academic year. Commencement is the annual event in June where we celebrate our graduates’ accomplishments along with family, faculty and staff, and the community.

On this page you'll find deadlines and steps to apply for graduation and information on receiving your diplomas.

Important Notice: Students must apply for graduation no later than May 15, 2023 to ensure your name appears in the printed commencement program!

Apply for Graduation

The graduation application submission deadlines are listed below:

Graduation Term Graduation Application Opens Graduation Application Submission Deadline Diplomas Available
Winter 2023 October 17th, 2022 February 15th, 2023 End of April
Spring 2023 January 17th, 2023 May 15th, 2023 End of July
Summer 2023 March 14th, 2023 July 14th, 2023 End of September
Fall 2023 May 15th, 2023 Nov 15th, 2023 End of January
Winter 2024 October 16th, 2023 Feb 21st, 2024 End of April
Spring 2024 January 17th, 2024 May 13th, 2024 End of July

If you missed an open graduation application term, please contact your advisor/counselor or a completion coach.

Please follow these steps in order to complete the graduation application process:

  1. Apply to graduate through the ctcLink Student Self-Service Portal. For step-by-step help, please view the instructions on how to apply.
  2. Your advisor/counselor will review your graduation application. When your advisor/counselor has approved your application, the approval will show in your Academic Records tile under “View My Milestones”.
    • You will be contacted only if there are issues with your graduation application.
  3. Pass your final classes! Graduation application processing begins after grades have been posted to student transcripts.
    • You will only be contacted during the process if there are questions.
  4. Update your mailing address through the Student Self-Service. You can follow the instructions here.
  5. Your graduation status will be updated in the Academic Progress tile in your ctcLink Student Homepage. You will also receive updates through your ctcLink Message Center.
  6. Order your official transcript if you need it to be sent to you or to another school/institution.
  7. Visit our Commencement Ceremony page for more information about how you can participate in the annual Seattle Colleges commencement celebration.