Pre-College & ESL

Basic & Transitional Studies

Basic & Transitional Studies

Basic & Transitional Studies helps students learn English, earn their high school credential, enter employment, and begin college-level studies.

The Basic & Transitional Studies program serves immigrants, US residents, and refugees only. Individuals who are in this country with Student (F-1, M-1), B (visitor), or J (nanny or au pair) visas are not eligible for Basic & Transitional Studies.

Please Note: International students (F, M visas) should contact the International Programs Office at 206.934.5360 or email for additional information. Visitors (B, J visas) should contact Continuing Education (OLY 130) at 206.934.5539 for English classes.

Our programs include:

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are offered to adults at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes are offered both day and evening on our main campus, at the New Holly Learning Center, and on our Georgetown campus.

High School 21+

Adults who lack a high school diploma now have a new way to get a second chance. It's called High School 21+, and it allows students to earn high school credit by completing coursework in our Basic and Transitional Studies division. 


GED® classes are for adults, age 16 and older, who want to improve their skills and prepare for the GED® tests.

College Prep

College Prep courses teach foundational skills in reading, writing, math and technology— so adults can move more quickly through pre-college English and math and begin college level coursework.

I-BEST/Career Training

I-BEST/Career Training programs designed to accelerate students toward in-demand jobs at living wages, even for students who have not yet finished the traditional ESL, GED®, or other pathways to college.