Student Conduct Information for Staff & Faculty

Any institution operating with thousands of people must have in place rules, policies and procedures protecting and supporting a cooperative education environment. To maintain this environment, the college outlines a code of conduct that defines both misconduct and proper/ appropriate conduct. A student’s responsibility in maintaining a good environment is to:

  • Maintain high standards of academic integrity
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Refrain from actions that endanger themselves or others
  • Comply with district and college rules and regulations
  • Comply with civil authority

When these areas are violated and a simple and direct means of resolution is attempted and is unsuccessful, conduct proceedings may begin.

Your Rights 

An instructor may take appropriate action to maintain order and proper conduct in the classroom and to maintain the effective cooperation of students in fulfilling the objectives of the course. If a student is so disorderly or disruptive that it is difficult or impossible to maintain classroom decorum faculty may remove the student from that day’s class session.

Staff have the right to a peaceful and professional work environment. If a student is so disorderly or disruptive that it is difficult or impossible to interact with them, staff should immediately contact security and/or their supervisor to report the incident.


  • Contact and report to Dean (faculty) or your supervisor (staff)
  • Contact security at 206.934.0911 or the Vice President of Student Services Office at 206.934.6788.
  • Document the situation immediately after the incident including:
    • Date
    • Time
    • Location
    • People involved
    • Witnesses
    • Statement of what occurred

Report a conduct issue through Maxient.   


What happens next?

Student Conduct incidents are reported to the Vice President of Student Services Office at 206.934.6788.

  • When a report of a violation occurs, the VPSS will begin an investigation and determine the validity of the report.
  • The student(s) and witness(es) may be called for an initial interview.
  • The student will be notified of the violation, their rights and responsibilities and date of the Student Conduct hearing.
  • After the hearing, the student will be notified of the decision and what if any disciplinary sanctions apply.  Sanctions may include warnings, reprimands, probation, suspensions or expulsion.
  • Certain sanctions warrant the right to an appeal. Appeals are forwarded to the Student Conduct Appeals Committee under the direction of the Assistant Attorney General for the State of Washington.

Please note: Because student conduct proceedings are kept confidential, you will most likely not be notified or made aware of the hearing date, sanction or outcome unless it is educationally necessary.