Common Course Numbering (CCN)

Starting Summer Quarter 2008, the Seattle Community Colleges began using a new Common Course Numbering (CCN) system. Some of our course numbers and titles have been changed to comply with the new standard being used by the state's community colleges. The new system is designed to identify courses that are equivalent at community colleges and to make it easier for students who may transfer between two-year colleges.

The courses with an ampersand "&" after the prefix code are part of the Common Course Numbering system. However, courses without an "&" will continue to transfer between two-year and four-year colleges under individual Direct Transfer Agreements, as in the past.

Changes may include one or more of the following:

Prefix + "&" = courses which are now part of the state's Common Course Numbering system. 
Example: AST 100 to ASTR& 100.

Prefix change to new subject area.
Example: ANP 213 to BIOL& 241; ANP 214 to BIOL& 242; BUS 200 to POL& 200.

Course number change.
Example: ACC 210 to ACCT& 201.

Course title change.
Example: ANT 201 Physical Anthropology to ANTH& 205 Biological Anthropology.

If you have questions regarding the transferability of a course, contact Advising at (206) 934-5387.