Grading Equivalency & Transcript Legend

South's numeric grading is available on the District Policy - Progress and Grades web page. This is important because many high schools or colleges need to know how to convert the numeric grade to the letter grade.

Non-traditional Grading Options

The following letter grade options are not universally accepted by other institutions and could jeopardize the transferability of courses and financial aid status. See your advisor.

I – Incomplete Indicates that the student performed at a passing level, completed most of the course requirements, and intends to make up the missing work. An Incomplete is given only at the discretion of the instructor when the student has attended regularly, done satisfactory work, and furnished satisfactory proof to the instructor that the work cannot be completed because of illness or other circumstances beyond the student’s control.

An Incomplete grade must be requested prior to the final examination. Coursework must be completed during the following quarter, excluding Summer Quarter. If the student fails to remove the “I” by completing the coursework in the specified time period, the “I” will remain on the transcript. The instructor must file a written statement of reasons for giving the Incomplete, listing a description of the work the student will need to do to remove it, with the dean of the division in which the course is offered. If the student elects to repeat a course rather than make up the work, the “I” will remain on the transcript. The grade earned will compute in the GPA; after receiving an “I” in a course, a student may repeat that course only once.

S – Satisfactory/Credit Used for individual progress, clinical, and skill development courses. This symbol is not used for college transfer courses numbered 100 and above, except designated pass/fail courses as approved by the Office of Instruction.

U - Unsatisfactory

N – Audit (no credit) To audit a course means to register for and attend class without receiving a grade or credit. An “N” grade, rather than credit, is recorded on the transcript. Students must officially register to audit a course. Registration for an “N” may be made until the end of the second week of the quarter without the instructor’s signature or the end of the eighth week (sixth week of Summer Quarter) with the instructor’s approval and signature. Students are responsible for consulting with the instructor regarding class requirements. After an “N” is issued, the course may be repeated no more than one more time. If the instructor’s requirements for an “N” are not satisfied by the student during the course, the instructor may issue an “NC” (No Credit) symbol.

Students changing their status from audit to credit or credit to audit must make official changes within specific deadlines.

NC – Satisfactory/No Credit Indicates that the student did not fulfill the requirements for receiving an “S” grade, an “N” grade, or a numerical grade in the course. A student in good standing may request an “NC” symbol from the instructor prior to the final examination, granted at the instructor’s discretion. After an “NC” is issued, the course may be repeated no more than one more time. An “NC” does not affect a student’s GPA.

W – Official Withdrawal This grade will be recorded and will remain on the student’s transcript. After a “W” is issued, the course may be repeated no more than one more time.

Y – Ongoing Course Used for a course that is two or more quarters in length. The final grade for the course will be reported at the last quarter.

R – Repeat (not computed in the GPA)

There are two situations in which a student may repeat a course for grade replacement. To qualify for GPA improvement, both the initial course and repeated course must be taken at the same college.

1. GPA improvement. A credit course may be taken no more than three times total. Upon successful completion of a repeated course, the college will adjust the record to reflect the highest of the decimal grades used in the GPA computation. The student will be credited only once for the class. No more than two attempted grades may be selected for exclusion in the GPA computation.

Note: Students planning to transfer to another institution should check with that institution to determine potential GPA impacts.

2. Multiquarter continuous training courses use the same course number from quarter to quarter. In this situation, credits earned are cumulative and all grades are used to determine the GPA.