English Language Learners

Remote Operations Update: 

Student Assessment Services is currently offering English and Math placement options online. Please click on the following links for both English and Math placement instructions.

Students may complete their English placement remotely by taking our English Directed Self Placement tool. (Please note, Basic and Transitional Studies Level Four and below and International Students with F-1 Visas are not eligible for the Directed Self Placement tool).

Students may complete their Math placement remotely by taking the ALEKS Math Placement Test. If you have any questions, please email studentplacement@seattlecolleges.edu.  

If you will be a new student and are an English language learner, please read below:

English language learners should go to Basic & Transitional StudiesCAH (Cascade Hall), 3rd floor, or call 206-934-5363 for more information.

International students should go to the CIE (Center for International Education) office, Room WWB 121, or call 206-934-5360 for more information.