Remote Operations Update: 

Student Assessment Services is currently offering English and Math placement options online. Please click on the following links for both English and Math placement instructions.

Students may complete their English placement remotely by taking our English Directed Self Placement tool. (Please note, Basic and Transitional Studies Level Four and below and International Students with F-1 Visas are not eligible for the Directed Self Placement tool).

Students may complete their Math placement remotely by taking the ALEKS Math Placement Test through Seattle Central College. You will need to send a copy of your placement test score to to be able to register for classes.

SAT Score Placement

Instructions: If you took the SAT within the last 5 years, look at the following table for your class placement. If you don’t have the scores needed for math and/or English, click either link at the bottom of the page.

Placement Option Placement Type Course Placement Score Needed


(taken within 5 years, after March 2016)

English Placement ENGL&101 510+ on Reading and Writing
Math Placement MATH 102, MATH&107, MATH 116, MATH&131, MATH&132, MATH&146 540+ on Math Section
MATH&141, MATH&148 560+ on Math Section
MATH&142* 580+ on Math Section
MATH&151* 590+ on Math Section


(taken within 5 years, before March 2016)

English Placement ENGL&101 460+ on Reading and English
Math Placement MATH 102, MATH&107, MATH 116, MATH&131, MATH&132, MATH&146 520+ on Math Section

*Students must email for permission to enroll in MATH&142 or MATH&151. Please include a copy of your previous math work (such as an unofficial high school or college transcript) as well as a sample syllabus from your previous precalculus math course if you have access to it.

To use for class placement:



  • Bring a copy of your scores to the Student Assessment Services Office, Robert Smith Building 76. 

Don’t have the scores needed for the class you want to enroll in?

  • Click here to view all our Class Placement options.
  • Click here for our Placement Test study guides.