Test and Placement Records

Do you need a copy of your placement test?

Depending on how you chose to set your placement levels, there are two locations where you can view your placement results.

  • Test scores can be found using the Mobile ctcLink app (HCX), in the Test Scores tool found in the Academics menu.
  • Placement through unofficial transcripts can be found in your ctcLink Student Homepage in the tile Academic Records and select View My Milestones.

Do you need a copy of your placement test sent to another school/institution?

Your test scores are stored in your ctcLink record are accessible to all WA State Community and Technical Colleges that you have a student record with. You will need to contact the receiving institution and follow their reciprocity procedures and guidelines to transfer your test scores. Your test scores can only be provided to another 2-year WA State Community and Technical College, and they will not be provided to institutions outside of the system.

Please know that not all test scores may be accepted or considered by the receiving institution. For example, the English Directed Self Placement tool is an internal South Seattle College placement method so it may not be accepted by other colleges, except the Seattle Colleges.

Do you have a copy of your placement test, placement recommendation, or transcript from another school?

Please send copies of your unofficial transcripts or test scores to studentplacement@seattlecolleges.edu. It is not guaranteed that your test scores will be accepted for placement . For all placement recommendations or placement test scores, see our Placement Reciprocity page.

Do you need a copy of your GED® Certificate?

South Seattle College does not provide GED certificates. To order your GED certificate, please visit GED.com.