ACT Score Placement

Instructions: If you took the ACT within the last 5 years, look at the following table for your class placement. If you don’t have the scores needed for math and/or English, click either link at the bottom of the page.

Placement Option Placement Type Course Placement Score Needed


(taken within 5 years)

English Placement ENGL&101 19+ on Reading and English
Math Placement MATH 102, MATH&107, MATH 116, MATH&131, MATH&132, MATH&146 22+ on Math Section
MATH&141, MATH&148 23+ on Math Section
MATH&142* 24+ on Math Section
MATH&151* 25+ on Math Section

*Students must email for permission to enroll in MATH&142 or MATH&151. Please include a copy of your previous math work (such as an unofficial high school or college transcript) as well as a sample syllabus from your previous precalculus math course if you have access to it.

To use for class placement:



  • Bring a copy of your scores to the Student Assessment Services Office, Robert Smith Building 76. 

Don’t have the scores needed for the class you want to enroll in?

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