Testing Support Services

Proctoring for accommodated exams

South Seattle College’s Instructional Support Services works in conjunction with Access Services to offer proctoring for accommodation-based exams in our Testing Center. If you are a student seeking accommodations for a class or exams, or if you are an instructor with questions about providing accommodations to students in your course, please contact Access Services for more information. Proctoring staff in both departments offer expanded and flexible scheduling for exams throughout the week.

Consultation and administrative support for faculty and departments providing in-person exams for online courses

Testing Support Services offers consultation and administrative support to departments, divisions, and faculty. We provide assistance in implementing systems for in-person exams to students enrolled in online and hybrid courses, including research and practical suggestions to help create a version of such a system that works for particular needs. On the administrative side, we can aid in reserving and preparing rooms for online faculty to provide such in-person exams. We have access to multiple testing-friendly spaces near our offices and can reserve other campus spaces as well.

Future developments

We are working with other district testing services to further define and develop our services and will update the campus community with any new developments.