Prior College Experience

For students transferring credits from another academic institution, including veterans with military transcripts. Always check program pages for specific enrollment steps.

Special Enrollment Steps 

If you identify as one of the student types below, click through to follow the necessary enrollment steps. 

1. Admissions 

Complete our free online admissions application. Once your application has been processed, you will receive your ctcLink ID (EMPLID) via email with the steps required to activate your account. 

2. Plan Your Funding 

Apply for FAFSA or WASFA as early as possible. Connect with our Financial Aid Department for additional support.

Use Federal School Code for South Seattle College: 009706

Watch the video below to learn more about how to apply for financial aid:

Additionally, if you are pursuing Professional & Technical Career Training, apply for Workforce Education funding.

Visit our Financial Resources page to learn about program specific funding resources, as well as the cost of tuition and important deadlines.

3. Submit Your Transcripts 

Submit transcripts from ALL previously attended institutions to our Credential Evaluation Office, along with an Incoming Transcript Evaluation Request form.  

Transcripts are ONLY considered official if they come from the institution directly. 

Transcripts must show a passing grade of 2.0 or greater in a college level English or Math course for placement into college level classes. If not, students may need to take a there are other placement options available.

4. Orientation 

Go to the orientation page and watch our online New Student Orientation. You will need to do this before meeting with an advisor.

5. Register 

Once your orientation is complete, make an appointment with the Advising Office and register for classes. Be sure to bring all applicable placement documents as these are required for registration.

6. Pay 

Ensure that your classes and fees are paid for by the Tuition Due Dates. Learn about our numerous Payment Options.

7. Prepare 

Your ctcLink account stores information about your student accounts, financial balances, class registration, enrollment, and transcripts. Watch this short video to learn more. 

Visit our student ctcLink Resource Page to learn more. 

Go to and select “Get My Credentials” to activate your Seattle Colleges email address. You will be provided with your email and login credentials. After this, you will set your password by selecting “Set/Reset Password.”

Starfish is your online portal to schedule appointments with your Success Network, as well as give you access to other important online resources. To activate your account, go to the Starfish login page and enter your email login credentials.

You can buy your books from the South Seattle College Bookstore after determining your class schedule for the upcoming quarter.

Student ID cards can be purchased at the Cashier’s Office, located in Student Services lobby (RSB). Student ID’s are $7.50 each. After payment, bring your receipt to the Information Desk to obtain your card. Student Identification Cards are issued to all new students taking 3 or more credits.

Learn about Parking and Transportation options to get you to class!