New Student Orientation

What is NSO?

Participation in orientation is mandatory for all students new to South Seattle College. New Student Orientation (NSO) is a program designed to welcome, celebrate, and connect new students with the college community, services, and support. NSO is attended online or in-person by new students during their first quarter.

All new students to South Seattle College are invited to participate in the New Student Orientation (NSO) to ensure students receive timely information, and student success tips, and get connected to critical resources.

*Currently NSO is available only online in Canvas.

The Goals of NSO are to provide New Students guidance and connection to:

  • Campus Resources
  • Area of Study Resources
  • Educational Planning
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Building Your South Network
  • Tips for Student Success

Who Does NSO?

All New Students to South seeking a degree must complete NSO.

The following program populations are exempt from New Student Orientation: High School 21+, Career LinkContinuing EducationInternational StudentsNon-credit ABE, ESL, and GEDRunning StartSeattle Promise, Justice Involved Solutions, Apprenticeship, or you have already completed an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree.

How do I get started?

  1. Make sure to Activate Your ctcLink Account because this will provide you access to Canvas.
  2. Login to the Canvas (the platform we use for course instruction) and explore this learning tool.
  3. Two weeks before the quarter begins, you will receive an invitation to our Online NSO or simply log-in to your Canvas account around that time and you should see the course there.

Why is it mandatory?

This is an opportunity for new students to journey together through a process of learning and expanding their knowledge on South’s critical resources to support student success. Completion of the Online NSO will positively impact your student records to allow registration for future quarters.

Who do I contact for Questions?

Our New Student Orientation Team would be happy to help you. Just email us at for any questions.