Denied Petition FAQ

1. What are some reason why my petition might be denied?

  • Your petition was submitted after the submission deadline. This deadline is the last day of the quarter following the quarter for which you are petitioning for.
  • Official documentation of a death was not provided or documentation of the relationship to the deceased was not clearly established.
  • Petitions submitted for academic issues are not eligible for consideration through the petition process. For academic issues, please review the Student Complaint process.
  • Supporting medical documentation does not support an illness of such severity or duration that completion of the quarter was not possible.
  • Documentation was not translated into English by an accredited translator or third party professional with contact information.

2.  Can I appeal a denied petition?

The Registration Petition Committee will review a denied petition if additional supporting documents not originally submitted and relevant to the petition are submitted to the Committee. These documents must be submitted no later than 30 days following the original denial.

3. Can I submit a new petition if my original petition and appeal has been denied?

No. A student may not submit a new petition if the original petition and appeal was denied.