There are two kinds of petitions: Withdrawal Deadline Exception Request and Late Add Petition.

Withdrawal Deadline Exception Request

The withdrawal deadline exception request allows students to request an exception to the refund deadline due to unforeseen medical/death or military circumstances. Students may also request an exception to the withdrawal deadline without a refund.

Students may petition the Registration Office, with supporting documentation, for an exception to policy if the following apply:

Approved Circumstances

ReasonQualificationsQualificationsRequired Documentation
Refund and/or course withdrawal (W grade).Medical/HealthIllness of such severity or duration that completion of the quarter is not possibleProvide a letter on business letterhead from the healthcare provider. Do not submit medical records or after-visit summaries. The letter from the healthcare provider must contain the following information: student's name, statement by the medical professional indicating that that the student was unable to attend classes and the dates that attendance was not possible, and the signature of the medical professional.
Course withdrawal (W grade). A refund deadline may be considered with health provider documentation.DeathDeath of the student or member of the immediate family (parent, spouse/domestic partner, child, sibling) Provide a death certificate, obituary notice, or news clipping naming the student as a relative of the deceased.
Refund and/or course withdrawal (W grade).Call to active US military dutyCall to active military duty after the 7th day of the quarterProvide a copy of PCS or TDY military orders. Military orders should show the effective date of deployment.
Course withdrawal (W grade)Missed the course withdrawal deadlineExtenuating circumstances as described by the studentAppropriate documentation specifying the date of the extenuating circumstance with sufficient details supporting the incident.


Complete this Withdrawal Deadline Exception Request Form to request a withdrawal deadline exception. Submit the completed form with your student statement and additional information based on one of the categories (medical/death, military, other) below via email at or in-person in the Student Services Lobby – Robert Smith Building.

All students are required to submit a student statement. The written statement must include a detailed description of the student's exception request, the outcome they are asking for, and their signature and date.


All documents must be filed by the last day of the quarter following the quarter for which the student is submitting the request. Once all documents are received, you will be notified of your appeal's decision within 2-4 weeks. Timelines may be extended during peak registration periods.

Refer to the Academic Calendar for the last of the quarter date.

Quarter of Occurrence Deadline (Quarter Ends)
Fall Winter 
Winter Spring 
Spring Summer

Note: Withdrawal deadline exceptions will not be granted for course work that has already been applied to a completed degree. Grades cannot be changed after a degree has been granted. Grades cannot be restored once a withdrawal deadline exception has been granted.

International students should meet with an International Programs staff member to assess any potential F1 Visa violation due to withdrawing from a course. Students receiving financial aid should discuss with a Financial Aid staff member the consequences of withdrawing from courses.

Late Add Petitions

Under exceptional circumstances a Late Add Petition may be approved allowing registration after the 10th day of the quarter (8th day during summer quarter).

You must be in continuous attendance starting before the last day to add/drop courses for the term. The faculty member teaching the course must approve your exceptional circumstances and sign the form. If your Late Add Petition is approved by your faculty member, the associated tuition and fees, including late registration fees, are due on the day the registration is processed.

If you have a funding source for the quarter, e.g. Financial Aid, check with that department before submitting the Late Add Petition to determine if you are responsible for paying tuition and fees.

Complete and submit the Late Add Petitions form via email at or in-person in the Student Services Lobby – Robert Smith Building.