Intradistrict Registration

All new and currently enrolled students to NSC, SCC and SSC must adhere to those campuses’ matriculation and registration criteria. If the criteria have been met, students will be able to register via the Online Services of each particular campus. If there are unmet prerequisites students must contact the campus where the course is being taught for assistance. Only campuses where the class is being held may have the authority to override these criteria.

Campus Class Offerings
South Seattle College Class Schedule
Seattle Central College Class Schedule
North Seattle College Class Schedule

Students registering at another campus must first apply to that college through web admissions. Contact the college after completing the application process to request your application be downloaded and profile enabled. Verify with the campus how to proceed with online registration.

  • North Seattle College
    General:  206.527.3664
    Area Supervisor, Jayne Strom-Strebe: 206.527.3670 (campus staff contact only)
  • Seattle Central College
    General:  206.587.6918
    Assistant Registrar, Marlene Enriquez-Campos: 206.587.3817 (campus staff contact only)
  • South Seattle College
    General: 206.934.7938

The three campuses have agreed that intradistrict registration times will be allowed on the second day of currently enrolled student registration.

NOTE: Tuition must be paid in full before a class can be added.