Student Enrollment & Degree Verification

Review the information below for details on student enrollment and degree verification. 

Student, Employer, or Third Party

South Seattle College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse  to serve as our agent to provide verifications of student enrollment and degrees earned. The online process makes it possible for students, employers, or other third parties to obtain instantaneous verification of information. The Clearinghouse is available  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A small online fee applies for the use of this service. 

Students and companies requesting enrollment or degree verifications can do so at

Requests by Employers 
Most employers and background screening firms contact colleges to verify that an applicant has obtained a degree. This service is available through the Clearinghouse, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Clearinghouse can provide employers and background screening firms with verification of enrollment for current students, as well as for former students who did not obtain a degree.

Requests by Insurance Companies 
Please note that the Clearinghouse is generally unable to process verification forms from insurance companies currently. Therefore, please do not send health, automobile, good-driver discount, or other insurance forms to the Clearinghouse. Most insurance forms do not provide the Clearinghouse with sufficient information to positively identify the student, and many request information that the college does not currently provide to the Clearinghouse (e.g., grade point average).

What happens when the Clearinghouse is unable to fulfill requests? 
Situations exist in which the Clearinghouse will not be able to verify student enrollments. Reasons may include:

  • The Clearinghouse is unable to identify the requested record.
  • The student has elected to block the release of "directory information" under FERPA.
  • The company requests information that the college has not been designated as "directory information" under FERPA. 
  • The company requests verification of information that the college does not provide to the Clearinghouse.
  • The person to be verified does not have a student record at South Seattle College.

Verifications by South Seattle College

In cases where the Clearinghouse is unable to provide verification of enrollment or degrees earned, a request can be made to the Registration Office to complete an enrollment verification letter or complete a Third-Party form. Only the student can make this request by using the Enrollment Verification Request Form. The completion of a Third-Party form will also require the student to submit a Release of Information form. 

Forms can be submitted via email to, fax at 206-934-7947, or in-person to the Registration Office in the Student Services Lobby in the Robert Smith Building. 

Allow at least 5 business days for processing requests.

Enrollment Verification Request Form
Release of Information