Some of the annual Upward Bound events includes the following:



National College Fair – All UB students attend the half-day fair downtown Seattle where nearly 300 colleges and universities from around the globe attend.



Freshman Recruitment – Freshman students at both target schools are encouraged to apply for one of the limited spots in our UB programs

Civic Leadership Conference – The Washington State Trio Association puts on this annual conference for selected students interested in learning and working on becoming active leaders in their communities.



Junior Field Trip – During this three-day field trip UB Juniors visit three to four major colleges and universities in the eastern areas of the state of Washington and into Idaho.

End of Year Celebration – UB students family and friends are invited to celebrate the academic year. Newly recruited freshman are inducted into the program, awards are given out to UB students, and our exiting Senior students are recognized for all their accomplishments.



Camp – UB Students and staff head to Fort Flagler for three days of team building and leadership training to prepare for the rest of the summer academy.

Summer Academy – Students spend six weeks during the summer at South Seattle College keeping their brains and bodies active through summer classes, field trips and after school sporting tournaments. After successfully completing the Summer Academy students may earn a stipend and high school credit.