Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join TRIO Student Success Services (SSS)?

One word – GRADUATION! You are much more likely to achieve your educational goals if you join TRIO SSS because you will have greater access to tutoring, transfer & scholarship assistance, opportunities for academic & personal development, and guidance from staff and students who have experienced life as first generation college students.

What kinds of students benefit from TRIO SSS services?

All kinds: student leaders, students unsure of their potential, students returning to school after time away, recent high school graduates, adults with their GED, students with one or more disability, students with family responsibilities and students with limited income. All TRIO SSS participants are highly motivated to achieve their academic goals.

What will I be required to do?

Once you have been accepted into the TRIO SSS program, you will participate in a mid-quarter Progress Report check-in with your instructors (a best practice for successful students), work with your TRIO SSS advisor and utilize at least one TRIO SSS service per quarter.

Will I have to enroll with TRIO SSS every year?

No -- You will remain enrolled with TRIO SSS until you graduate or leave school, so long as you are actively using our program services.

How much money will TRIO SSS cost me?

Nothing -- TRIO SSS is completely free. The program is funded by a grant from the US Department of Education.

Can anyone participate in TRIO SSS?

No. You must meet eligibility criteria of US Citizen/Permanent Resident, first-generation college student, income eligible, or a student with a disability and be planning on transferring to a four year college to obtain a bachelor’s degree after completing an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science at South.