Student Assessed Fees

S&A Fees

Services & Activities Fees are quarterly fees that certain students pay as a part of their tuition/registration fees. Students exempt from paying the Services and Activities Fees are those registered for fewer than 4 credits or are enrolled in ABE/ESL (below 090), Apprenticeship Programs, GED, International Programs, Running Start, or University Center courses and programs.

Annual S&A Fee Allocations

UT Fees

The UT Fee is a fee voted on by students in the Seattle College District in March 1999. Among other things, it is intended to pay for needed improvements in computer services, such as new computers and software, and expanded computer lab hours. The UT Fee is collected (along with tuition) at a rate of $3 per credit to a maximum of 10 credits ($30).

Annual UT Fee Allocations

Campus Enhancement Fees

South Seattle College students approved a campus enhancement fee during Winter Quarter of 2016. The initial project will be a new Gymnasium/Health & Wellness Center. The gymnasium would be located east of Olympic Hall and slated to break ground soon. The new gymnasium will include an indoor basketball court, larger cardio and weight lifting areas, multipurpose workout room, locker rooms, and include an outdoor soccer field.

The quarterly fee is $9 per credit up to 10 credits ($90).

Wellness Center Use Fee

The Wellness Center use fee is fee voted and approved by the United Student Association during the 2019-2020 academic year. The fee was implemented to provide for administrative, maintenance, and regular operations of the campus Wellness Center.