Math Placement Testing

  1. Placement tests are meant to place you in the appropriate level for your skill set. Your goal should be to test into the highest level of your ability, but you should also not feel pressured to teach yourself beyond your current math abilities.
  2. Since all students start with the Basic Test, we recommend studying for the Basic first, even if you want to test into a higher level. To be eligible to take the Advanced test, you must have a score of 315+ (~75%) on the Basic test. To be eligible to take the Precalculus/Calculus test, you must have a score of 1480+ (~65%) on the Advanced test.
  3. Depending on your program’s math requirements, you might not need to take all three parts of the Math placement exam. Also keep in mind that the Math placement exams are your starting point.
  4. Follow the table below and click on the study guide links. 
  5. Students do not need to complete all three tests on the same day.

Math Placement Test Instructions

Wonderlic Basic Math Skills Test

Wonderlic Advanced Math Skills Test

Precalculus/Calculus Placement Test

For placement into MATH 080, MATH 081, MATH 110, MATH 091, MATH 094 and MATH 111. For placement into MATH 098, MATH 102, MATH&107, MATH 116, MATH&131, MATH&132, and MATH&146. For Placement into MATH&141, MATH&142, and MATH&151.
Basic study guide (PDF) Advanced study guide (PDF) Pre-calculus study guide (PDF)