South Seattle Student Association Anna Au
Vice President & Legislative Liaison

Name: Anna Au 
Title: Vice President & Legislative Liaison

Why did you get involved in student government?

It is with great honor and privilege that I serve as your Vice President of the United Student Association at South Seattle College. Whether you are an in state, out of state, or an international student –you have a right to education and it should not be hindered by financial hardship. I will work tirelessly to advocate for adequate federal funding to lower tuition cost for all students, afford fair compensation for our teachers, and improve student support. We all have the desire for progress, and I’ve got the time and passion to lobby for our future. It is my ultimate goal to improve the quality of student life on and off campus.

Furthermore, I want to create a legislative forum to address current legislative issues that influence our daily lives. Additional funding for student financial aid will be one of my main priorities. It is my mission to promote a safe, respectful and encouraging learning environment that will inspire you to pursue your dreams, and attain your goals in life. Vote and make your voices heard… For we must not be governed blindly, but rather, forge ahead with own discoveries into a better, brighter tomorrow.