South Seattle Student Association Asma Jama
Issues and Concerns Officer

Name: Asma Jama
Title: Issues and Concerns Officer 

Why did you get involved in student government?

My name is Asma Jama and I am your Issues and Concerns Officer. In efforts to meet and widen my perspective on the student body, I’ve participated and attended events from all aspects of student life. For example I was vice president for the East African club at my high school that helped me gain experience on being a leader and being able to share the voices of the students. I also helped in my community by being an interpreter at the neighborhood house. I also took part in cleaning my neighborhood and making it a better place for everyone. As the Issues and Concerns officer, I would make it my mission for the student voices to be heard. Any candidate can make promises, but I will follow through. For example, one of my goals is to reduce the price for textbooks. One way I would thrive to achieve that is by having the ability to access the information online. Another goal I have is to hear student issues and concerns and be able to take action. Finally we must make sure that all student voices are heard and is a safe and fun environment to be in.