Zoom Backgrounds

Below you will find templates to use as a background image in Zoom (online video conferencing tool). For instructions on how to make this change in Zoom, please visit this webpage

Download all our Zoom backgrounds (Zip)        

How to save an individual background image below:

  1. Select a background and click the title to the right of the image. You'll be brought to a new page.
  2. Right-click the image you want to save.
  3. Click 'Save Image As.'
  4. Choose where you want to save the image. After you save the image, you’ll have a downloaded copy on your computer.

Template Campus Background 1: Aerial A

Template Aerial Shot  Background 2: Aerial B

Template Aerial Seattle  Background 3: Seattle Skyline 

Template Alki Background 4: Alki

Template Cascade Hall  Background 5: Cascade Hall A

Template Cascade Hall Close-up  Background 6: Cascade Hall B

Template Clock Tower Plaza  Background 7: Clock Tower Plaza

Template Campus Background 8: Clock Tower

Template Robert Smith Building Courtyard  Background 9: RSB Courtyard

Template Monument Sign  Background 10: Monument Sign

Template Cherry Blossoms  Background 11: Cherry Blossoms

Template Otter Logo 1 Background 12: Otter Logo A

Template Otter Logo 2 Background 13: Otter Logo B

Template Georgetown Campus Background 14: Georgetown Campus

Template Classroom A Background 15: Classroom A

Template Classroom B Background 16: Classroom B

Template Bio lab  Background 17: Biology Lab