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South Seattle College Logos & Brand Guide

Download this zip file for official South Seattle College logos (file contains both print and digital format).

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Download our logo usage guide (PDF)

Download our branding guidelines (PDF)

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Seattle Colleges District Logos

Download this zip file (file contains both print and digital format)

Letterhead, Fax & PowerPoint Templates  

Download our official letterhead templates (Zip)

Download our fax cover sheet (PDF) 

Download all PowerPoint templates (Zip)    

Download individual PowerPoint templates:   

Template Blue South Seattle College (Template Blue)

Template Orange South Seattle College (Template Orange)

Template People South Seattle College (Template People 1)

Template Simple South Seattle College (Template Simple)

Template Tower Right South Seattle College (Template Clock Tower Right)

Template Tower Left South Seattle College (Template Clock Tower Left)

Template People2 South Seattle College (Template People 2)