Branding, Logos & Templates

South Seattle College Logos & Brand Guide

Download this zip file for official South Seattle College logos (file contains both print and digital format)

A few tips on file usage:

  • The .eps files are best used for print. The png files are used for the web or on-screen viewing (i.e. email, etc.)
  • If you "double-click" or "File/Open" the files will open in Adobe Illustrator. If you want to use them in Word, Publisher, Outlook, InDesign, etc. you must: import > place > insert > picture from file or dragging into another document.
  • The white logos won’t show up unless you place them onto a darker background.
  • The eps (print) files can be enlarged as much as you want without any degradation. However, be sure to hold down the shift key while resizing or the logos will distort.
  • However, the png files are bitmap images and are set up large enough for most on-screen viewing purposes. They can be enlarged a small amount (15-20% max), but they will start to look blurry and pixelated if they are enlarged any more than that. (For the most part, they are large enough to fill most screens entirely without extra enlargement.) Once again, if resizing, it is essential to hold down the shift key or the logo will distort.

Download our branding guidelines (PDF)

Seattle Colleges District Logos

Download this zip file (file contains both print and digital format)

Letterhead & Fax 

Download our official letterhead (Word)

Download our fax cover sheet (PDF)