Photos & Release Forms

Photography for Employee and Public Use 

Download this zip file to access a collection of photos free for public use. The file contains four folders: Career Training & BAS programs, College Transfer programs, general campus life and Georgetown campus photography. 

Please note, South Seattle College owns the copyright to all photography. Photos are available exclusively for public use and cannot be sold or used commercially without explicit permission. 

Photo & Film Release Form 

Download South Seattle College's official photo release form. All students whose image, video or voice will be used for marketing or promotional purposes — including print communications, video, web or social media — should complete and sign a release form. All completed release forms should be returned to the Communications & Public Information Office via email or intercampus mail to be archived. 

When a Release Form is Not Typically Required

A release form is generally not required if students are:

  • photographed in a public space or at public events. 
  • photographed in a non-public environment and the primary focus is not recognizable, such as a silhouette or out-of-focus image.
  • invited to attend a group activity/event and chose to participate of their own free will. 

Note: South Seattle College faculty or staff do not require a photo release form. 

When a Release Form is Typically Required

A release form is generally required if students (except faculty/staff) are:

  • the primary focus of a photo taken in a non-public space, are recognizable and have been recruited specifically to serve as subjects/models.
  • minors (anyone under age 18). Students under 18 must have their release form signed by a parent or guardian and returned. 
  • current students and in a location for a specific purpose other than being photographed. For example, if a group of current students is studying in the library and you want to take a photo, a release form should be obtained from each subject/model.