Web Change Requests

Steps for changes/updates that need to be made to our website

  1. Send all maintenance, updates and new page requests to SSCCWEB@seattlecolleges.edu only. The ticketing system allows us to keep an accurate record of all of our web requests to make sure that we are filling the needs of our campus and also so we can easily track all updates and workflow. After your request has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.
  2. In your request, specify the area that needs attention. Please be very specific by identifying the exact location of the content on the page.
  3. If new content is needed, please provide it with instructions on how and where you would like it to be displayed if you have a preference.

Helpful hints for web updates


If you are going to provide content that includes a particular link, it is better to hyperlink the site to words in your content then to display a long address. For example:

WORD vs .PDF’s

If you have a word document that needs to be posted as a PDF, please save the document as a PDF before it is included in your request.

New Pages

If you need to have a new page created, please include the location of where the new page will live. For example: “I would like a page named Staff Counseling in Student Resources / Counseling.”

Event Calendar Updates

Any items that need to be added to the online events calendar can be done through 25Live