College Transfer

Associate of Science Track 2 – Civil and Mechanical Engineering MRP

Overview of Associate of Science (AS) MRPs

Major-Related Programs (MRP) help prepare students for their junior year as they pursue a bachelor’s degree. MRPs outline the courses students need to be well-prepared for upper-division courses upon transfer.

Engineering AS-T Track 2 MRP pathways are for students preparing to transfer for engineering majors as a junior in most four-year Washington universities.

South offers the following Engineering MRPs:

  • AS-T Civil and Mechanical Engineering MRP (further information found below on this page)
    • Designed for the following majors: civil, mechanical, aeronautical, environmental and industrial engineering.
  • AS-T Computer and Electrical Engineering MRP

For each MRP, the required courses are common junior-ready transfer preparation for all majors at all participating baccalaureate institutions. The degree becomes tailored for specific preparation to a single major at a single transfer institution through appropriate selection of the specialization courses. It is critical that students be in communication with advisors and the intended transfer baccalaureate institution.

Civil and Mechanical Engineering MRP Program Description

Students completing the Civil and Mechanical Engineering MRP pathway receive the foundational knowledge to pursue a bachelor’s or higher degree in this area while also gaining valuable skills in problem-solving, systems design, and data modeling.

You will study areas such as calculus, physics, engineering, and chemistry, but you will also take courses in English, social sciences, and humanities to better understand how to design for diverse populations and cultures. You will also get the opportunity to design, develop and test challenging projects with peers outside of the classroom in the SSC Rocket Club and the MakerSpace (a free collaborative workspace for students).

Program Pathways

The following pathways fit under the AS Track 2 – Civil and Environmental Engineering MRP

  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering

Please meet with your advisor to develop a customized education plan.