College Transfer

Associate in Business (AB)

The Associate in Business Degree (AB - DTA) is designed to satisfy lower division general education and business requirements at Washington's public four-year colleges and universities. The AB - DTA degree (DTA = Direct Transfer Agreement) is a mathematics-intense degree and students should be prepared to take multiple quarters of mathematics coursework.

Program Pathways 

We offer a variety of programs pathways to match your interests and enhance your Associate in Business degree: 

Degree Requirements

The Associate in Business degree includes all the pre-requisite courses for transfer in a Business or Accounting major. The Associate in Business is a version of the Associate of Arts (AA-DTA) Degree.

Students will take specific coursework in Economics, Accounting, Business Law, Statistics, and Mathematics as part of the Associate in Business degree. Please see the planning sheet below for more information.

Program Outcomes

The Associate in Business is a variation of the Associate of Arts Degree. Please see the Program Outcomes for the Associate of Arts Degree.

Degree Planning Sheet

Associate in Business Degree Planning Sheet (PDF)

Transfer Information Sessions 

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