College Council

The College Council, as a representative body, is responsible for advising the President's Cabinet on policy proposals that affect any members of the South community outside of any one department or constituency. 

Members of the Council include students, classified/exempt staff, and faculty. See our roster below for member names and emails. Please read our Bylaws below for complete information about Council membership. Work done by the Council on issues will be available in meeting minutes and in summary reports below. 

Request for College Council Consideration 

Any South community member may submit an issue of concern to the Council for consideration. Please use the "Request for College Council Consideration or Budget Recommendation" form to present an issue to the Council. All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to submit recommendations. This form also is a place to share recommendations that Council brings to the President and Cabinet as they create and consider the college budget.  

Contact Us

If you have questions, have considerations for the council, or would like to know the date and time of our next meeting, please email