Tutoring Center FAQ

Operations Update:

The Tutoring Center provides online drop-in and appointment tutoring through ZOOM to all students enrolled at South Seattle College.  

To get online tutoring, first select a center from the list below:

MAST (Math and Science Tutoring): Helps with college math, chemistry, physics, biology, statistics, and CSC courses.

Writing Center: Provides writing assistance to all students registered in any academic course at South that has written assignments, such as English, History, Psychology, Economics, Environmental Studies, and many more.

WELL (Writing & English Learning Lab): Helps with writing and general language support to South’s global community of English language learners. For ESL, IEP, High School 21+, GED, College Prep, I-BEST/Career Training, Pivot Point, or any professional-technical courses.

Business/Accounting: Helps with Business, Accounting, Economics, and Medical Terminology.

Geek Hauz: Helps with all computer classes and Year Up students. 

E-Tutoring: Provides live tutoring in a wide range of subjects through the Western e-Tutoring Consortium.

What services do we offer?

To fit the needs of South’s many programs and populations, the Tutoring Center offers a variety of tutoring services, including regularly-scheduled personal and small group sessions, plus walk-in sessions and online tutoring for occasional assistance.

What subjects and departments do we support?

The Tutoring Center’s services cover course content over a wide range of campus programs, from academic to vocational to English language learning. Study skills tutoring is also available to bolster student success in any program.

Who are our tutors?

Our knowledgeable and compassionate tutors offer support on coursework and class concepts, plus plenty of encouragement.  The tutoring staff includes qualified students, professional tutors and South faculty. Tutors receive training, support and evaluation by Center staff and faculty coordinators.

The Tutoring Center consists of a main office (LIB 220) & several specialized walk-in centers that focus on areas like math, science, and writing. Visit our website for more information.

Student Code of Ethics

  1. Courtesy: Tutees will follow all tutoring center policies and clean up after themselves.
  2. Responsibility: Tutees will take responsibility for their own work and outcomes.
  3. Preparedness: Tutees will arrive ready to work with a tutor.
  4. Participation: Tutees will actively participate during the session and take ownership of their work.
  5. Respect: Tutees will be respectful to tutors, other students, instructors, and administration.
  6. Honesty: Tutees will not seek help on quizzes and/or tests and will follow all instructions provided by their instructor(s).
  7. Conduct: Tutees will be punctual for appointments and refrain from causing interruptions.

Tutor Code of Ethics

  1. Best Interest: Tutors will be committed to acting in the best interest of the tutees.
  2. Responsibility: Tutors will take responsibility for their own behavior and work.
  3. Integrity: Tutors will practice and promote accuracy, honesty, and truthfulness.
  4. Fairness: Tutors will exercise reasonable judgment.
  5. Commitment: Tutors will fulfill the commitments made to learners.
  6. Respect: Tutors will respect the dignity, worth, culture, and privacy of all people.
  7. Excellence: Tutors will strive to continually improve.
  8. Professionalism: Tutors will not engage in inappropriate behaviors with tutees.
  9. Confidentiality: Tutors will maintain the highest privacy standards.

There are three main types of tutoring: scheduled, walk-in and online. They are free of charge like all our services.

  • Scheduled tutoring means arranging meetings with a specific tutor at certain times for a set number of sessions, either one-on-one or as a small group. Study Skills tutoring is also considered scheduled tutoring.
  • Walk-in tutoring means visiting one of our specialized walk-in centers whenever the need arises. The walk-in centers are open at least several hours per day and require only current enrollment and a valid student ID for a visit. The Writing Center and the WELL also allow appointments, which can help students better coordinate support for their coursework while avoiding occasional wait times at a crowded center.
  • Online tutoring means interacting with a professional tutor online with a system called eTutoring, which offers support for many types of coursework, including English, math, chemistry, biology, accounting and much more. You can chat live with tutors, interact with online tools, or submit essays and questions for review and suggestions. Click here for more information about the system and how to access it, or inquire at our main office (RSB 12).
  • Fill out our Tutor Request Form. You can also pick up a paper copy of the tutor request form—and ask any questions—at The Tutoring Center’s main office in RSB 12.
  • Get the applicable instructor to sign and date the form.
  • Return the form to the RSB 12 or email it to Marianna Asaturova at Marianna.Asaturova@seattlecolleges.edu or Monia Hamam at Monia.Hamam@seattlecolleges.edu.
  • For Study Skills tutoring, request and fill out a Study Skills Form in RSB 12. There is no instructor signature required. Then ask to schedule an appointment with the Center program coordinator.

Each walk-in center has a slightly different academic focus. Click on the individual links for more information on each center, including hours and location.

  • MAST (Math and Science Tutoring): Walk-in tutoring for all levels of math and science classes.
  • Writing Center: Walk-in and appointment tutoring for students in classes requiring writing or research. Focus is on classes within academic programs as well as classes in Basic & Transitional Studies or Prof/Tech.
  • WELL (Writing & English Learning Lab): Walk-in and appointment tutoring for any classes requiring writing, reading, grammar or speaking. Focus is on English language learners in any department as well as any students in Basic & Transitional Studies or Prof/Tech.
  • Business/Accounting: Walk-in tutoring for business and accounting classes.
  • Geek Hauz: Walk-in tutoring for computer technology classes.

Writing and related skills like research, grammar, reading and presenting are hugely important at South as they are necessary for coursework in numerous departments, as well as essential for the personal statements required by many applications and scholarships. To meet the diverse writing and language needs of South’s populations, two centers—the Writing Center and the WELL—are available, offering certain overlapping services yet somewhat different focuses.

The Writing Center is the general center for all academic English courses along with any other academic courses requiring writing or research, such as psychology, history or anthropology. Writing Center tutors assist with essay content, organization and language use, and they are a great complement to the library staff for supporting research projects.

The WELL supports English Language Learners from all departments, especially from South’s IEP and ESL programs. In addition to writing assistance, WELL tutors offer sessions specifically targeting conversation and speaking practice as well as help with specific grammar and vocabulary issues.

In both centers:

  • Writing assignments are a main focus, as are personal statements for applications and scholarships.
  • All students are welcome from Basic & Transitional Studies and Prof/Tech classes that have writing- and language-based tasks.
  • Students can walk-in OR make an appointment for a future session.

All walk-in centers have a sign-in system where you will enter your ctcLink ID number. You will be helped in the order that you arrive. The Writing Center and the WELL also offer appointment options, so have your calendar ready if you want to make an appointment at those centers for later in the quarter.