MAST (Math and Science Tutoring Center)

Remote Operations Update

As of April 16, 2020 all tutoring centers (by appointment and drop-in) have been conducted remotely via Zoom, and will continue until June 13th. For the start and end dates of each center, please reference our Public Canvas Page for regularly updated information directly from Tutoring Center staff.

Please keep in mind that there will be no tutoring on May 25, 2020 in observation of Memorial Day.

To view tutors drop-in schedules, to make and appointment, and get the tutor’s Zoom link log into your
Starfish account using your MySeattleColleges username and password. Once you log in please search for the center you would like to use (Example: MAST, Writing Center, WELL, Business / Accounting, Geek Hauz)

All about Starfish:

Starfish is a tool our college is using to help students get connected with various campus services. For tutoring we ask that students use Starfish to make an appointment with their tutors.
Please watch the following video for instructions on how to log into Starfish.

Please watch the following video for instructions on how to schedule a tutoring appointment on Starfish

Additional Starfish support can be found within your Starfish account, just look under “services” and then look for “ABCs of Starfish”

All about Zoom:

How to join a Zoom meeting (with tutorial)
If you need technical assistance please contact Zoom Support

Click here for this quarter's MAST schedule (PDF)

MAST offers drop-in tutoring services for college math, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and computer science in a friendly and supportive environment.

Our tutors are current and former students and STEM professionals from our community whose mission is to help students succeed in their math and science learning.

Walk in anytime for drop-in help.

When you arrive:

  • Check-in at the computer kiosk at the entrance with your student ID and last name using Starfish; a new sign-in tool the Tutoring Center is using to keep track of the number of students using MAST and other drop-in centers.
  • Take a table flag with the subject in which you need tutoring.
  • Sit in an open seat with the flag displayed.
  • A tutor will be with you shortly.

Contact Information

Location: Robert Smith Building (RSB), room 18 (See RSB map.)
Regular Hours: See Operating Hours
Phone: 206.934.6650

Elizabeth Schoene – MAST Faculty Coordinator 

Marianna Asaturova – Director, Tutoring Center 
Phone: 206.934.6650 

Monia Hamam – Program Coordinator, Tutoring Center 
Phone: 206.934.6491