Choose a Major

Major Ready Transfer

A major is a specific subject area that students specialize in. Typically, between one-third and one-half of the courses you’ll take for your bachelor's degree will be in your major or related to it. Choosing a major is critical to the transfer planning process. If you are not sure what you want to major in, here are some things to think about:

  • Use this worksheet to better define what you want to major in: Major Ready Student Worksheet.
  • Meet with a Counselor at South Seattle College for Career Counseling and/or Major Exploration. Schedule an appointment by calling 206.934.6409.
  • Think about your academic strengths and weaknesses: what subjects come naturally to you and what subjects are challenging?  Make a list of subjects that interest you and start researching related majors.
  • Discover what prerequisite classes are needed for that major.
  • Do an internship to try out an industry or job.
  • Complete informational interviews with people who have earned a degree in the major or have a job you would like to have in the future.
  • Attend quarterly transfer fairs and visits by college representatives. Make a list of questions you have and spend time with the representative from the schools you are interested in attending.
  • Check out these College Transfer Program Pathways to learn more about each area in our college transfer division at South Seattle College, what you will study, and what you can do with a career in that field.

As part of your transfer degree at South Seattle College you have the opportunity to take a wide range of courses from a variety of different disciplines. We will help you create an academic plan that includes all the classes you need to meet your goals.