New Student Advising

Welcome to South! Whether you are brand new to college or took college classes before, Advisors are ready to work with you to make sure you have a strong start at South.

Watch our short video for New Students on How to make an appointment with an Advisor to Register for your first quarter classes. This video will review the important steps before meeting with an advisor and show you how to schedule an appointment with us.

You are now a current student and can schedule a meeting with an Advisor using Starfish. Advisors will help you select your first quarter classes based on your Area of Study and program pathway. After meeting with an Advisor or if you know what classes to take, you may register or enroll in a class on your own through these steps linked here.

Have you recently completed your placement for Math?

Learn more about the different math classes offered at South by reviewing our math flow chart and learn more about the co-requisite math model here.

Some programs offer specialized advising support and current or prospective students should connect directly with the department for assistance: