Writing Center

The Writing Center is open October 03 - December 11, 2022

In-Person Hours

Tue-Thur: 11AM - 5PM

RSB 16

Online Zoom Tutoring

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Mon-Thurs: 11AM - 7PM
Fri-Sun: 11AM - 3PM

Asynchronous Writing Support

Visit our Canvas site

If you are unable to meet with a tutor on Zoom, another option for writing support is to submit your writing assignment to our Canvas site. Be sure to include the assignment guidelines and a note about what you'd like feedback on, and a tutor will be in touch within two days with non-judgmental, constructive written feedback.

For access to asynchronous writing support from Writing Center tutors, click here to submit your writing assignment on our Canvas page.

Online Workshops

Please see our Canvas site for the current workshop schedule.

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Need help or have a question? Please email us!

Elijah Dow, Writing Center Faculty Coordinator: Elijah.Dow@seattlecolleges.edu

Marianna Asaturova, Director of Tutoring: Marianna.Asaturova@seattlecolleges.edu

Monia Hamam, Program Specialist III: Monia.Hamam@seattlecolleges.edu