Campus Services - SouthNet

Contact Information: 206.934.5385

Maintenance/Repair Requests

Requests for repairs and maintenance have been automated. Use the Work Request Entry Form to place a work order for:

  • Building Operation & Maintenance Issues; including room temperatures lighting issues, general repair and maintenance of the facility
  • Custodial Issues; cleaning restroom issues, graffiti and recycling
  • Ground Issues; including exterior garbage pickup

Capital Construction

Small Capital Project Requests

Key Requests

Contact Campus Services: 206.934.5385

  • Click Request Form to open the document using Microsoft Word.
  • Fill out the form. Print.
  • Have your department/unit supervisor sign the request.
  • Send to Campus Services via campus mail (mail stop 4CS158) or hand deliver.
  • Please allow 48 hours after submitting request to pick up the key.
  • All keys must be picked up and signed for, in person, at Campus Services.
  • All keys must be RETURNED in person to Campus Services. Until a key is returned, the signatory is responsible for the key. PLEASE DO NOT exchange keys with others.

Fixed Assets Inventory & Surplus Property

Vehicle Use/Motor Pool

Vehicle reservations are available at 25Live. Authorized Vehicle Use Request Form is required. 

Contact Campus Services: 206.934.5385

Telephone Requests

Contact Campus Services: 206.934.5385

Phone requests are normally completed on Wednesdays.

To request a SCAN authorization number for placing long distance calls:

  • Print the SCAN Form (Word)
  • Have the department Dean sign the request.
  • Send hard Copy to Phyllis Gorton

To request new service, re-locations, repair or other additions/changes:

  • Visit Inside Seattle Colleges
  • Fill out the request form using Word. Print a copy.
  • Repairs and re-locations of existing service do not require approving signatures.
  • New service requires two signatures: The Department Dean, and the VP of Instruction (for faculty request) or president for all other requests.
  • Send to Phyllis Gorton: mail stop 4CS158 or hand deliver.

Mail & Receiving

Please call 206.934.6637 or call Campus Services 206.934.5385.