Are eLearning Courses For Me?

Who should take eLearning courses?

Online courses are designed for highly motivated students who cannot or do not want to come to campus because of their work schedules, family needs, or other reasons. Distance Learning students can control their own schedules by working with the course materials at their convenience. However, the courses are not self-paced; classes begin and end on the same schedule as regular campus classes. Also, assignments and exams are due on specific days.

eLearning courses are right for you if you can answer YES! to the following questions:

Do you...

  • have a busy schedule or family responsibilities?
  • enjoy using your computer and technology skills?
  • have access to a reliable computer that meets the minimum technical requirements?
  • have consistent and reliable access to the Internet?
  • feel comfortable communicating in writing?
  • stay on task without direct supervision?
  • prioritize your own workload?

Are you...

  • self-motivated and self-disciplined?
  • good at assessing your own progress?
  • willing to take an active part in the learning process?
  • able to devote 10 - 15 hours per week, per course?

Test your technical strengths:

Can you...

  • use the keyboard and mouse/keystrokes to navigate and complete functions such as copying/pasting text, finding text on a page, and checking your spelling?
  • organize and manage your digital files in folders and subfolders on your computer's hard drive or an external flash drive?
  • save files to a given folder - recalling them when necessary?
  • install software and software plugins on your computer if needed?
  • create a text document using Microsoft Word?
  • send and receive email messages with attachments?

What Should I Expect as an Online Student

Participation & Attendance

  • Login to your courses at least 3 to 5 times per week each.
  • Commit at least 10 to 15 hours / week / class to read, conduct research, complete assignments, participate in discussions, etc.

Online Discussions

  • Participate by participating in text-based discussions.
  • Read assignment, conduct research, and think carefully before posting.
  • Read the posts of your peers and provide thoughtful responses.

Assignment Deadlines 

There is a myth that online students work at their own pace and turn in assignments whenever they want. This is only true for our Self-Paced courses. In fully online courses, your instructor will provide you with structure and assignment deadlines. You're expected to pay attention to deadlines and complete and submit assignments on time.