Calculator Rental

Most math classes at South Seattle College require a calculator. Contact your instructor to confirm the type of calculator that will be used in your course. Calculators are available to rent from the Academic Center office in the University Center building, room 101 (UNI 101). Calculators available to rent depend upon availability; calculators include TI-38, TI-84 and TI-89. To rent a calculator:

  • See your instructor for calculator requirements for the class
  • Come to the Academic Center office to see what calculators are available to rent
  • Go to the Cashiers Office, RSB 047, in the Registration area
    • Pay $20 to rent the calculator for the quarter
  • Take your receipt to the Academic Center office, UNI 101, to be issued a calculator
    • You will be asked to sign a rental agreement and leave your receipt
  • After your final exams, return the calculator to the Academic Center office

Withdrawal and Refunds

If you withdraw from the course, you must return the calculator in the same condition received before the 10th day of the quarter. Note there are no rental fee refunds after the registrar’s last day for 100% refund for classes.

Replacement Cost

Understand that if for any reason you fail to return the calculator equipment as required above, (i.e. loss, theft, damage) you will be billed for the replacement cost and fee (may be in excess of $100). Grades, transcripts, and permission to register for future courses at South Seattle College may be withheld until the calculator is returned and/or payment is made.