Running Start

Placement Testing

The College Placement Test

  • Required of all students who have not completed college level math or English composition
  • Assesses students' skills in Reading, Writing Skills, Math, or English as a Second Language
  • Determines placement of students in appropriate courses
  • Running Start only covers tuition for courses 100-level and above (college level), therefore if a student does not test into college level courses they are not eligible for Running Start.

Exceptions to taking the Placement Test

  • If a student has successfully completed a college-level English composition or mathematics course, the Placement Test is not required.
  • ACT and SAT scores may be used for placement into college-level courses.
  • Smarter Balanced is a standardized test taken at the high school in the 11th grade. Scores of 3 or 4 will qualify you for English 101. Please provide a copy of Smarter Balanced test scores to a Running Start advisor.
  • Math Transcript Placement: Seattle Public Schools students may be able to place into college-level math classes using their high school transcript, depending on the courses taken and grades earned. Please see a Running Start Advisor to verify your placement.

How to access placement tools found at Student Assessment Services