After Running Start

As high school graduation nears, consider your options at Seattle Colleges.

Take Advantage of Seattle Promise

Finish what you started in high school with Seattle Promise. If you haven't completed your first degree yet, you can continue to earn up to 90 credits tuition-free at any of the Seattle Colleges: North Seattle College, Seattle Central College or South Seattle College. The program is open to all graduates of Seattle Public Schools regardless of GPA, income, ability or country of birth. 

Access a network of support that will help you navigate from high school to college and assist you in transfering to a four-year college or university to complete your bachelor's degree, or get started in a professional and technical program, and find a pathway to a career you love. 

Earn a Four-Year Degree at Seattle Colleges

You can also complete a Bachelor of Applied Science degree at any of the colleges in the Seattle Colleges, choosing from 13 degrees in a variety of disciplines. With their strong internship components and emphasis on hands-on learning, you can complete a degree that will help you get started in a number of high-demand industries, all while saving thousands of dollars compared to attending a four-year college or university.

Get Started in a Professional and Technical Career

If you want to get started in a career as soon as possible, Seattle Colleges also offer more than 130 Professional & Technical Career Training programs designed to teach you the skills to gain entry-level employment in many technically demanding fields. Whether you need a certificate, an internship or a degree to get started in your chosen career, our professional training instructors are ready to assist you.