Running Start

Life After Running Start


Many Running Start students continue at South Seattle College to finish a program or complete an Associate Degree after graduating from high school. Students are encouraged to apply for an appointment with an advisor to get program requirements. To make an appointment, please call Counseling and Advising at 206-934-5387.

Counseling and Advising

To help the students focus on an educational career, SSC offers career counseling for students. Career counselors provide one hour of free counseling and may suggest career testing such as:

~ The Strong Interest Inventory (SII): compares your interests with others in a variety of occupations. 
~ The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): matches personality type with career environments. 

To schedule a career assessment with a counselor, please phone 206-934-5387 offers information about programs of study and BA's offered at community colleges. It is also a great tool to discover what you are interested in studying!

Washington Public Universities

Many Running start students choose to continue their education at a state university. Check with each university for admissions information. Each university sets admission qualifications and requirements. If you have taken classes at South Seattle, you have a college transcript and that should be mentioned to any college admissions office you speak to. For more information, click on the links below.

Private Colleges in Washington

You might be interested in attending a private college. If so, remember to let the admissions office know you have a South Seattle College transcript. Private colleges in Washington include:

Transfer Center

Visit the South Seattle College Transfer Center for more information about 4-year universities and colleges you might be interested in attending. The Transfer Center hosts college and university informational sessions as well as a quarterly Transfer Fair. This a great way to see what local schools have to offer, get your questions answered, and find out about the admissions process.

The Student Development Transcript

The Student Development Transcript is an official record of your service of involvement at SSC. It is similar to a resume. It lists activities you have participated in, such as student clubs, student government, conferences, sports, etc. You can use this document, which is separate from your academic transcript, to apply for scholarships, university admissions and employment. For more information, visit Student Life’s Student Leadership page.