Running Start

Getting Started

Are You Ready? Start Here...

  1. First, check with your high school counselor, parents/guardians, and teachers to see if they think you are ready for Running Start. Even if you are academically prepared it takes a lot of maturity, initiative, and independence to be successful in college. In general, you should expect to spend one to two hours of study for each hour in class. Students must be responsible about attending school each day, even if there is a conflict between high school and college vacations. 
  2. Email for assistance with enrollment and the following steps. 
  3. Apply to South Seattle College online:
  • In the application when asked what your intended major area of study is, please answer, “Running Start: _______” where you can indicate if you have an idea what area of study or program you are interested in. Example: “Running Start: Environmental Science”
  • Within two working days of completing your application, you will receive an email with your Student ID number.
  1. Place into English 101 or college level math to qualify.
  1. Connect with your high school counselor and fill out the Enrollment Verification Form (EVF). Students must consult with their high school counselor each quarter to determine course equivalency for graduation requirements and fill out their enrollment verification form for college courses together. High school graduation requirements are established by each high school. The amount of tuition-free courses you are eligible to take will depend on how many classes you are taking at your high school. Students not enrolled in a public high school (private school students or home schooled students for example) can participate in Running Start by associating with a public high school.
  2. The EVF form also needs to be signed by your parent/guardian and you (the student). We typically cannot enroll you in courses without a completely filled out and signed enrollment form, but there have been temporary changes in place during the COVID-19 school closures. NOTE: A new form is usually required to register for courses each quarter.
  3. Meet with a Running Start advisor at SSC to discuss your PLACEMENT scores. Once you have your placement scores and signed EVF, schedule an initial 30-minute academic advising appointment with a Running Start advisor. You can make an appointment online or see other ways to contact Advising found on Have your placement scores available during this meeting as you will be discussing placement and eligibility. 
    • At this appointment the advisor will help you register for courses based on information provided by your high school counselor on the EVF. After registering, adding and/or dropping courses can only be processed through a Running Start advisor. 
  4. Obtain your textbooks for the upcoming quarter. Students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch and have the Fee Waiver/Book Loan form submitted can borrow their textbooks each quarter from the Running Start Book Loan Program. For more information regarding the Book Loan Program, please call the Running Start Program Coordinator, Lynn Christiansen (206) 934-6478.
    • Otherwise, students can purchase books from the Campus Bookstore. If you are not eligible for the Running Start Book Loan Program, you may be still participate in our campus’s Textbook Lending Program through the CEID office
  5. Attend a Running Start New Student Orientation. This orientation is usually held before the quarter begins. You will receive information regarding this orientation after you have registered for your classes. This orientation is mandatory for all new Running Start students and optional for parents/guardians.